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Since a young age, Yodah was  fascinated by the different sounds and patterns in music and how it  intertwined and could take you on a journey. Currently, a 26 year veteran in the  DJ and nightlife industry, Yodah has rocked dance floors  throughout the U.S. and Latin America with his limitless style , sharp technical skills and powerful stage presence.

In 2000, Yodah founded Global BPM, San Diego's premier Dj School and Recording Studio. As a master instructor in the djing arts as well as a music producer and  mixing and mastering engineer for over 21 years. Yodah has had the privilege in teaching and mentoring djs and artists from all over the world.  


Well respected amongst his peers and sought after by his fans, Yodah is a Music Lover, Teacher, Mentor, and mostly importantly a true Party Rocker.


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