Since a young age, Yodah was fascinated by the different sounds of music. Currently, a 23 year veteran in the  DJ and nightlife industry, Yodah has rocked dance floors  throughout the U.S. and Latin America with his limitless style , sharp technical skills and powerful stage presence.

Based out of San Diego, Yodah has maintained a 19 year residency at Henrys Pub, a destination bar/night club and favorite amongst  the locals. As founder of Global BPM in the year 2000, Yodah has been fortunate enough to have taught and mentored DJ's and Artists throughout the world. Global BPM is one of San Diego's top premier DJ Schools and Recording /Production Studio. 

Well respected amongst his peers and sought after by his fans, Yodah is a Music Lover, Teacher, Mentor, and mostly importantly a true Party Rocker.


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